Delaware coalition pushes for creation of Office of the State Inspector General

The Delaware Coalition for Open Government has been advocating for the establishment of a Delaware Office of the State Inspector General, which would oversee state agencies for transparency, accountability, and other good government issues.    DelCOG has been working with the Association of Inspectors General, located at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, and is writing a…


Rodney Square bus advocates secure legal help in new push for Delaware Gov. Carney’s emails

Advocates say they’ve secured legal representation to continue their effort to restore the bus hub at Rodney Square. The Coalition to Restore the Rodney Square Bus Hub has been trying to see Gov. John Carney’s unredacted email exchanges with Wilmington business leaders for a year. The business leaders were advocating for reducing bus traffic in…


Governors Association Works with Eight States to Improve Health Data Sharing

Eight states are in the early stages of a collaboration with the National Governors Association that could enhance their ability to use and share health-care data enterprise-wide, ultimately improving operations and services to residents. On June 13, NGA, which works with governors on public policy and governance issues, announced a health policy partnership around data best practices…


DelCOG and civic groups push for independent review of Delaware LLC laws

The indictment against former Trump campaign chair Paul Manafort stated nine Delaware business entities were used in the international money laundering and tax fraud scheme he’s charged with running. The Mexican drug lord known as “El Chapo” allegedly used a Delaware LLC for his drug money. And there also were reports this year that President Donald Trump’s former attorney…


Delaware lawmakers table bill extending FOIA to nonresidents

Legislation allowing nonresidents of Delaware to request public records under the state's Freedom of Information Act ran into a roadblock Wednesday in the General Assembly.

Currently, public bodies do not have to respond to FOIA requests from anyone who is not a resident of Delaware.

The proposed legislation, which was tabled in committee Wednesday, would remove that restriction while allowing state agencies and public bodies to charge higher fees to nonresidents, as long as they reasonably reflect the costs needed to defray expenses.


Delaware bill would shed light on teacher discipline

A bill supported by high-ranking General Assembly members would give Delaware regulators more power to revoke or suspend teacher licenses and make those sanctions more transparent.

"The bill came about because we're trying to do everything we can to protect our children," said Speaker of the House Pete Schwartzkopf, D-Rehoboth, main sponsor of the legislation.


Why are there so many anonymous corporations in Delaware?

From the Federal Election Commission’s suggestion that it might finally begin scrutinizing donations to super PACs from mystery limited liability corporations (LLCs) to the revelations in the Panama Papers, LLCs are very in right now.

The leak of the Panama Papers reportedly shows the use of offshore shell companies to hide cash by many high-profile foreign figures, from highly-paid soccer star Lionel Messi to the prime minister of Iceland, but the lack of Americans implicated in the investigations has raised eyebrows in the international community.


Delaware’s ‘troubling’ lack of oversight of police’s secret cash

A secret stash of money – seized from citizens and then used to fund Delaware police agencies' wish lists – is lacking not only public review, but also state oversight that's required under the law.

A News Journal investigation in November found that state law shields police and prosecutors from having to tell taxpayers how they spend money from the state's Special Law Enforcement Assistance Fund, comprised of money and property seized from citizens suspected but not necessarily charged with a crime.