Government transparency: Is enough being done in age of COVID?

COVID-19 has presented a host of challenges. Things that were commonplace and done without a second thought six months ago, like going on a date or working out at the gym, are totally different now.

Life in the time of COVID has completely changed society, and few areas have been impacted more than government operations.
Although they may be of little interest to most people, various public meetings take place every week, with hearings on police accountability, wastewater, electric rates and high school sports, just to name a few, held in the past seven days.

Before mid-March, those meetings were conducted in person. But with Delaware in a state of emergency for nearly five months, state agencies and related entities have been holding them remotely. Zoom, which became a household name almost overnight, is popular for those purposes.

While spokespeople for several of the most prominent state agencies did not have hard figures, anecdotally they said meeting attendance has remained constant or increased. Read more