FOIA Complaint Against Dewey Beach Over Land Deal

A Freedom of Information Act complaint has been filed with the Delaware state Attorney General’s Office against the town of Dewey Beach.

Around a dozen property owners say they are not happy with how the resort cut a deal for a contingency contract to buy two properties along Coastal Highway.

The complaint was filed on February 13th and includes former Commissioner Joy Howell. Continue>>>


Delaware bill eyes universities’ FOIA exemption

A bill making the University of Delaware and Delaware State University subject to more public scrutiny has been released from a House committee, but with an amendment that guts the intent of the bill and may even weaken existing open-government provisions.

The bill discussed Thursday revises Delaware’s Freedom of Information Act to remove an exemption for the two schools, which receive millions of dollars in taxpayer money each year but are mostly exempt from open records and open meetings laws.


Lawmakers file bills bolstering Delaware’s FOIA laws

Four pieces of legislation that could increase transparency in government and strengthen Delaware's Freedom of Information Act were filed by Democratic lawmakers Tuesday.

The bills tackle posting of meeting minutes, mailed FOIA requests, publishing of annual reports and require an annual seminar for the state's FOIA coordinators.


Delaware General Assembly considers open government bills

From DFM News:

In his recent State of the State Address, Governor Jack Markell highlighted several accomplishments as well as challenges in the area of “governing responsibly.” The Governor indicated that beyond careful management of its dollars and investments, the state needs to make continued strides toward more transparency, in part by developing online tools that inform citizens who is lobbying in Dover and what they are lobbying for.