Delaware coalition pushes for creation of Office of the State Inspector General

The Delaware Coalition for Open Government has been advocating for the establishment of a Delaware Office of the State Inspector General, which would oversee state agencies for transparency, accountability, and other good government issues.   

DelCOG has been working with the Association of Inspectors General, located at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, and is writing a bill to establish this office.

“We need an independent, nonpartisan office for oversight and investigation of state agencies to enhance public trust in our government,” writes Nick Wasileski, DelCOG president.

“Detrimental policies and actions — and in some cases, inaction — can be the result of deep-rooted, counterproductive characteristics, such as influence by special and political interests, conflicts of interest, quid pro quo, cronyism, misstatement of facts, and a lack of concern and disregard for our environment, our citizens and our workforce,” writes Wasileski and other DelCOG members in a letter to the editor published in Delaware newspapers.

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