New Jersey: Court Tells City: No, You Cannot Sue Someone For Making A FOIA Request

Open records requests and lawsuits go hand-in-hand. Agencies obfuscate, stall, perform deliberately inadequate searches and fail to respond in a timely manner. These actions frequently result in lawsuits, which are notably almost always filed by the requester. 

The Hamilton Township of New Jersey isn't like other government agencies. It's far more proactive.  Continue>>>



Judge orders FBI to speed up tracking info release

From Courthouse News:

The FBI can’t delay releasing information on its controversial cellphone-tracking technology, a federal judge ruled, nixing concerns over the size and sensitivity of the request.

The Washington-based Electronic Privacy Information Center, or EPIC, claims that federal agents have been using StingRay technology to locate, interfere with and intercept communications through cellphones and other wireless technology since at least 1995.


Consumers blindsided by secret settlements in hi-tech patent lawsuits

From Peter Scheer at the First Amendment Coalition of California:

Apple recently announced that it had reached a global settlement of its patent disputes with HTC, a producer of smartphones using Android, the Google-owned operating system for phones and tablets that compete head-on with Apple’s phones and tablets.


Florida newspaper files lawsuit against Mayor Alvin Brown’s office for failing to release public records


The Florida Times-Union has filed a lawsuit against Jacksonville seeking "declaratory relief" from the Circuit Court in obtaining public records from local government officials.



California First Amendment Coalition sues for emails

From The Sacramento Bee:

An open records advocacy group is suing the city after being denied emails and other communications regarding last summer's volatile City Council redistricting process. The California First Amendment Coalition (CFAC) filed a suit Friday in Sacramento Superior Court demanding emails between City Council members related to redistricting between April and August of last year.