Florida ethics rule to make government spending more transparent not enforced

If you want to know how much your local government is spending on private lobbyists to lobby the Legislature, the Florida House has a web page devoted to disclosing it. But though House Speaker Richard Corcoran promised the web page would provide “transformational” transparency, the House forgot one thing: to post all the data. Records obtained by…


Broward judge authorizes release of more video from outside Parkland school shooting

A Broward judge on Wednesday authorized the public release of more video from cameras positioned outside Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School during February’s mass shooting. The video may shed more light on the law enforcement response to Nikolas Cruz’s Feb. 14 rampage, during which he shot 17 to death and wounded 17 others. Attorneys for the Broward School Board…


Florida Will Bring More Transparency to Its Justice System

The Sunshine State is about to shine a light on its own criminal-justice system: Florida will soon become the first state in the country to require all of its counties to release certain data pertaining to jails, policing, prisons, and courts. A bill passed by the state legislature earlier this month requires counties to gather,…


Florida legislature adds to the more than 1,000 exceptions to public records law

TALLAHASSEE  Nearly a dozen new exemptions to public records are poised to become law after this year’s legislative session, as lawmakers chipped away at what information is available to the public under the state’s Sunshine Law. At least two of those exemptions — crafted as part of the state’s response to the Marjory Stoneman Douglas…


Broward Health leaders indicted on charges of violating open-meetings law

The top leaders of Broward Health have been indicted on charges of violating Florida’s public meetings law, throwing the public hospital system into the worst turmoil of its years of crises and investigations. A grand jury indictment names Broward Health board chairman Rocky Rodriguez, interim CEO Beverly Capasso, General Counsel Lynn Barrett, board member Christopher…


Will a one-word change wreck or improve Florida’s public records law?

In a debate that could reshape how the state handles its Sunshine laws, Florida lawmakers are swiftly advancing a bill that proponents say will crack down on “economic terrorists” that are abusing state law by extorting money from governments through frivolous and misleading public records requests.

But opponents say the solution is an overreaction that will “gut” the state’s open records laws and permanently cloud its Sunshine Law tradition.


PRESS RELEASE: Florida Sunshine Coalition to take action against open government attacks at Nov. 16 summit

Open government in Florida is under attack and the Florida First Amendment Foundation (FAF) is taking action.

Gathering in Orlando on Monday, Nov. 16, FAF and other members of the Florida Sunshine Coalition will discuss the issues and open government challenges Florida citizens face today and those the Coalition anticipates for the 2016 legislative session. They will decide on a platform for the Coalition and develop a plan for moving forward.


Florida sued once again over handling of public records

Two telecommunications companies contend in a new lawsuit that the administration of Gov. Rick Scott is flouting the state's public records law.

The lawsuit is an outgrowth of a dispute over a nearly $400 million state contract the Scott administration recently awarded to a subsidiary of Florida-based Harris Corp. Continue…