Democracy, accountability and empowerment: The case for journalism as a gen-ed course

As the availability of journalism jobs decreases, the future of the discipline might depend more on general education. Recent racist incidents and police violence have been caught on video, uploaded to social media and viewed millions of times, sparking protests and outrage and accelerating diversity agendas at colleges and universities. In most of those incidents,…


Industry Insight: To Sustain Journalism, News Organizations Tweak the For-Profit Model

Profits have disappeared. Survival is in question. So why don’t local news organizations just become nonprofits? It’s a question that’s been posed with increasing frequency in recent years, often in the wake of steep newsroom cuts. Hundreds of independent online news sites operate as nonprofits. Public radio is an increasingly important and active part of…


Scripps Howard Foundation establishes Howard Centers for Investigative Journalism

In a move to advance high-quality enterprise journalism, the Scripps Howard Foundation today announced a $6 million investment into the creation of two centers for investigative journalism. Arizona State University and the University of Maryland will each receive $3 million over three years from the Scripps Howard Foundation to establish a Howard Center for Investigative…


The AP creates team of statehouse reporting specialists

The Associated Press announced Thursday it will create “a team of state government specialists” in an effort to bolster coverage of statehouses across America.

The new team will “be a resource to our statehouse reporters looking for help broadening the scope of their reporting,” Brian Carovillano, AP’s managing editor for U.S. news, wrote in a brief Q and A accompanying the announcement. They will also work with a projects team that will turn out “ambitious enterprise” journalism on state government.


Freedom of press under attack now

An important survey from the Associated Press lays out in detail just how the Obama administration limits access to public information. As we face a new war in the Middle East, a dangerous outbreak of a virulent disease and a number of political scandals, itís more important than ever that American citizens ó and American voters ó to have access to information.


Seattle Times, ProPublica, NPR Take Home 2014 Online Journalism Awards

Coverage of natural disasters and health care as well as the making of a T-shirt took top honors Saturday night at the 2014 Online Journalism Awards, which ended the Online News Association Conference.

At the 14th annual awards dinner, ONA also announced a new award for 2015, the James Foley Award, honoring work by reporters in conflict zones and named for the Global Post freelancer killed in Syria in August.


Editorial: Nothing to crow about

President Obama made some commendable speeches at the United Nations last week, but his self-serving remarks to a panel on open government wonít win any plaudits from supporters of an independent news media. They were an astonishing example of saying one thing while doing just the opposite.


Journalism matters: You can’t have a free society without freedom of the press

People have asked me why Iíve been campaigning for eight months for the freedom of Peter Greste and the first answer is the obvious one: he's a friend, and not only that, a friend whose work and character I greatly respect.

But thinking a little more deeply, Iíve realised that Peter's case also touched a deep chord in me. In 1994, I was the ABC's Europe correspondent.