From bad bills come bad laws: A proactive prescription for restoring trust in government and democracy

The report from the Knight Commission on Trust, Media and Democracy, explores the disconnect between the public, the press and our public institutions, notably government. The report concludes we are in a watershed moment and must make reforms in our media and civic infrastructure. The report advances a series of recommendations aimed at the news media, civic educators and…


Knight Institute Calls on Facebook to Lift Restrictions on Digital Journalism and Research

In a letter sent yesterday, the Knight First Amendment Institute at Columbia University asked Facebook to amend its terms of service to establish a “safe harbor” for public-interest journalism and research focused on Facebook’s platform. The Knight Institute sent the letter on behalf of journalists and researchers who study Facebook but whose investigations are impeded…


Report Documents Florida’s Lack of Accountability for Public Records Requests

                  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   Report Documents Florida’s Lack of Accountability for Public Records Requests   Percent of Requests with Fees and Amount Collected Varies Widely from County to County   Gainesville, Fla., April 16, 2018  Despite having some of the most open public records laws in the country, Florida’s lack of accountability…


Knight Foundation Report: Forecasting Freedom of Information

In “Forecasting Freedom of Information,” the work of University of Arizona associate professor of journalism David Cuillier, a survey of 300 people–journalists, advocates, record custodians, technology companies, scholars and freedom of information experts–revealed lengthy delays, ignored requests, excessive fees and, in many cases, an unwillingness to consider producing government records because of outmoded technology.

Find the full report here


Eric Newton: Why we must champion the First Amendment in the digital age

Today, Knight Foundation announced its largest journalism grant ever in creating the Knight First Amendment Institute at Columbia University. The institute will seek to understand and explain what First Amendment law is and should be in the digital age, but more than that, it will go to court to preserve and expand free expression.


A media consipiracy that’s good for you

by Eric Newton

Each spring for 10 years now, a vast media conspiracy has rolled across the hills and plains of this nation. Journalists of every stripe – cartoonists to commentators to hard news reporters – have been in on it. And not just journalists, but politicians, educators and librarians, as well as members of nonprofits and civic groups.