Advocates for accountability applaud Maryland law that opens police disciplinary records

A new law in Maryland opens to the public more police disciplinary records.  According to a Nov. 24, 2021, report in The Washington Post, the new law has left police departments scrambling to respond to new records requests.  Advocates for open records and police accountability applaud the law.  “The inability to obtain records in police…


Scripps Howard Foundation establishes Howard Centers for Investigative Journalism

In a move to advance high-quality enterprise journalism, the Scripps Howard Foundation today announced a $6 million investment into the creation of two centers for investigative journalism. Arizona State University and the University of Maryland will each receive $3 million over three years from the Scripps Howard Foundation to establish a Howard Center for Investigative…


Maryland citizens to gain peek at police discipline, but not full view

The process by which police officers are disciplined in Maryland has long been shrouded in secrecy. But bills passed by the legislature this year should allow citizens more of a peek behind the curtain.

Civilians will be included in the training process for officers, and internal disciplinary hearings will be made public. Residents could get a seat at the table to decide the outcome of those hearings.


Maryland bills seek to boost government transparency, accountability

Government transparency was the reoccurring theme this week at a Maryland House Health and Government Operations Committee hearing, as lawmakers pushed for the passage of multiple bills that would beef up requirements of the Open Meetings Act.

As it now stands, the Open Meetings Act requires local- and state-level public bodies to hold open sessions in a location that is accessible to attendees, provide the public adequate notice of those sessions, and allow them to view the respective meeting minutes.