Mich. State sues ESPN over sex assault investigation records

Michigan State University is suing ESPN over a public records request involving police reports relating to ongoing sexual assault investigations.

MSU argues in a court filing that it has been put in an "impossible position" because Ingham County Prosecutor Carol Siemon's office asked the university to withhold the records and ESPN asked for them to be released.


Notre Dame wins police records lawsuit filed by ESPN

The University of Notre Dame's campus police department is not a "public agency" under Indiana law and does not have to provide information about investigations requested by sports media company ESPN, the Indiana Supreme Court has ruled in a widely watched case.

The decision, released Wednesday afternoon, means Notre Dame and other private colleges in Indiana with police forces have no obligation to provide details of campus police reports and investigations.


Indiana Supreme Court considers whether private university police records should be open to public

Should police departments operated by private universities in Indiana be subject to the same open records requirements that apply to state, county and municipal police agencies?

The five justices of the Indiana Supreme Court wrestled with that question during 45 minutes of oral arguments Tuesday as the University of Notre Dame urged the high court to continue allowing it to keep secret all campus police records, especially those pertaining to student athletes.


Tallahassee Police Department’s public release of ESPN information highly problematic

It’s an unusual situation when a governmental agency releasing information to the public is a negative thing from a journalistic perspective, but the manner in which the Tallahassee Police Department did so this week is highly questionable. The department has been under plenty of public fire this year thanks to reports from Fox Sports and The New York Times alleging that they hindered investigations against Florida State football players, and an ESPN freedom of information request was set to bring forth plenty of other documents that portrayed the department in a bad light.


State Supreme Court sides with Ohio State University about open records

From 10TV:

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Some critics said on Tuesday that they were worried that it could be easier for universities to hide scandals after the state Supreme Court sided with Ohio State University about open records.


An expert said that the Supreme Court's decision would make it harder to get records in the future.


OSU must turn over some Tressel documents to ESPN

From Mansfield News Journal:

COLUMBUS — The Supreme Court of Ohio today issued a limited writ of mandamus ordering Ohio State University to provide ESPN with several documents related to the 2011 NCAA investigation of football coach Jim Tressel that the university had previously refused to provide to the network in response to public records requests.