Research: Cities can save time on records requests by doing open data right

Adopting an open data policy significantly reduces the number of public record requests that cities receive compared to cities that lack an open data policy. This was the major finding of a study I set out to conduct earlier this summer, to understand the relationship between the growth of open data policies and longstanding freedom of information laws….


Transparency Advocates Log the Disappearance of ObamaCare Information from Government Websites

The only webpage on that was dedicated to describing how the Affordable Care Act affects Medicare was quietly taken down last year, a government-transparency group has found. Before December of 2017, visitors to could navigate to a page called “The Affordable Care Act & Medicare” from the website’s “About Us” section. The page told…


Sunlight Foundation: The biggest risks to open government data are political

Over the past two months, Sunlight has been quietly tracking whether open government data has been removed from the Internet under the Trump administration, responding to widespread fears of its removal.

[Sunlight Foundation] joined the Transparency Caucus in Congress this winter to talk about bipartisan efforts to restore public trust and the importance of preserving open government data. 



OpenGov Voices: Making open data more accessible — three lessons from Boston

How do you share open data in a meaningful way to help citizens convert data into knowledge about their city?

Over the past few months, the City of Boston’s Open Data team has worked to explore this essential question by placing our computers aside. In our quest to bring the Open Data to Open Knowledge project (funded by the Knight Foundation) to life, the team set out to host conversations to learn from everyday Bostonians.