Updates from Sunlight Foundation regarding the future of Sunlight Labs

The Sunlight Foundation continues to wind down, and projects and initiatives from Sunlight Labs are in the process of being transferred to their new homes.  

Sunlight Labs is still looking for a home for Email Congress, a service that allows constituents to email their congressional representatives directly rather than going through webforms. If you would be interested in adopting Email Congress, please email Sunlight Labs at labslove@sunlightfoundation.com.


Split Decision on NYPD’s X-ray Vans

A state appeals court today ordered the New York City Police Department to release information on the health risks of the unmarked X-ray vans that it uses to covertly detect explosives. '

But the panel overturned a lower court’s ruling that required the department to disclose records on when and where the vans had been used, its policies on van usage, or how much the vans cost, agreeing with the NYPD that concerns over terrorism outweighed the public interest.


Foiled by FOIL: How NYC agency has dragged out a request for public records for nearly a year.

Ten months ago, three teenaged boys who had escaped from a group home in Brooklyn were arrested for the violent assault and rape of a woman in Manhattan. The boys had been placed in the home as part of a program run by New York City’s Administration for Children’s Services, which had been seeking alternatives to formal detention facilities for troubled youngsters caught up in the juvenile justice system.