Congress pushes USDA to reinstate public animal inspection reports

Language in a document connected to the omnibus spending bill urges the U.S. Department of Agriculture to increase public access to inspection reports of animal breeders and other facilities after the agency, citing privacy concerns, rolled back access to the information. The USDA removed inspection reports from a public database last February, leading to criticism…


Sunlight Foundation: Congress commits to making deliberative decisions more transparent online

Yesterday at the 2016 Legislative Data and Transparency Conference, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan stood up and congratulated all of the people who have been working to open up the legislative branch of the United States to the public. Ryan also told us — and the online and television viewers — that he'd asked his team to keep moving ahead by publishing all legislative measures in a standard format.


The Missourian’s GEORGE KENNEDY: Freedom of information gets a boost from Congress

The Congress of the United States did a remarkable thing last week. It passed a major piece of legislation.

That in itself should have attracted more attention and generated more amazement than it did. Even more amazing is that the legislation was approved with bipartisan support. Continue…