New Jersey city admits open records violation, must pay $5K in legal fees

The city of Bayonne, New Jersey, has admitted that it didn't clearly explain why it denied part of an open public records request and will be paying $5,000 in legal fees to resolve a lawsuit over the matter.

The city's Feb. 22 admission comes about a month after it said in an opposition brief that it "provided an appropriate and lawful response" to the request.


Illinois county to approve settlement in FOIA violation

The McHenry County Board is likely to approve a six-figure settlement with an Algonquin man who sued the sheriff's office over an open records violation.

The settlement awards $104,402.96 to First Electric Newspaper Publisher Pete Gonigam, who sued the sheriff's office after it refused to turn over documents pursuant to the Freedom of Information Act.


Air Force, Guard document rule may violate law

From Navy Times:

(Nov 23, 2012) – The Air Force has set an information release policy that appears to violate federal law, and the National Guard may have followed suit.

The directive, which restricts how documents can be made public, runs counter to the practices of other branches of the military, as well as the Defense Department itself.