Senate agrees to open debate on Obama’s trade agenda

Senators reached a deal Wednesday to move forward on President Barack Obama's trade agenda only one day after Democrats embarrassed him by blocking it.

Lawmakers said roughly a dozen Senate Democrats agreed to let full-blown debate begin after both parties' leaders consented to tweak the package that failed on a procedural vote Tuesday. Those Democrats' votes were the difference between blocking the agenda and letting it move ahead.


Attorney General’s office welcomes public for Open Meeting Law forum

The state Attorney General's office is welcoming the public for an educational forum on Open Meeting Law in Hanover on Wednesday, April 1. 

The meeting is one way the office aims to help governing bodies as well as members of the public to better understand and comply with the requirements of the Open Meeting Law, according to a news release. State, local, regional, and county public bodies are required to comply with the Open Meeting Law.


Rogers sides talk settlement behind closed doors in Fayetteville, Arkansas

Greg Hines attended a closed-door settlement conference with a judge Friday morning related to a federal civil rights lawsuit filed against them by City Attorney Ben Lipscomb.

Lipscomb, the elected city attorney, filed a federal lawsuit in November against the mayor and aldermen claiming his Constitutional rights were violated when the council transferred most of his duties to a staff attorney who answers to the mayor.


Quorum court takes aim at FOIA

Faulkner County Quorum Court opened a new year Tuesday night with a whammy. In 10-3 vote, the court resolved to “encourage the State Legislature to clarify the FOI (Freedom of Information) statute of Arkansas to allow off the record conversations between members of a public body.”

That means Faulkner County court members are possibly pushing an agenda for secret meetings to discuss county business without the knowledge or presence of the public, or maybe not.