Mayor Elect de Blasio: Set NYPD records free!

From MuckRock: The New York Police Department’s animus toward Freedom of Information requests is legendary, and mayor-elect Bill de Blasio has been one of the department’s most outspoken critics. As de Blasio takes the City Hall reins, transparency advocates have a tremendous opportunity. But if you want real reform, hold de Blasio to his watchdog roots.


Did the Utica school board break the Open Meetings Law?

From Utica Observer-Dispatch:

UTICA — School boards legally can meet in private for several reasons, including matters of security, contract agreements or to discuss pending litigation.

One thing they can’t talk about in executive session: The budget.

Yet that’s what some members of the Utica City School District Board of Education say happened Tuesday.


Highway chief: Town board violated open meetings law


Rick Waldron felt good.

After spending months researching, traveling and bargaining for a new tractor, the longtime Springport highway superintendent believed he had finally ironed out a good deal. So when it was his turn to speak during Springport's monthly meeting on April 9, Waldron stood in front of the town board and detailed his work.


A request to review Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s records as attorney general is delayed

From Times Union:

Looking for records from Andrew Cuomo's tenure as attorney general? Good luck.

Fifteen months after leaving the Department of Law, Cuomo has sent almost nothing to the State Archives, designated by state law as the final resting place for every attorney general's papers.