Membership and Supporter Dues

NFOIC member coalitions pursue legislative and policy reforms to increase access, transparency and accountability among state and local public institutions all over the country. Supporters help NFOIC and its members achieve these objectives. Please support NFOIC and its members. 

Join us in our fight for open government, press freedom and public access.


Annual fees — *Qualified coalition members approved by the board

State and Regional FOI organizations   $   250.00
Academic centers   $   250.00
First Amendment organizations   $   250.00


Supporters – Levels and annual fees


Daily Newspaper   $   500.00
Non-Daily Newspaper   $   100.00
Broadcast   $   250.00
Bureaus   $   250.00
Online Publications   $   100.00



Media Associations   $1,000.00
General Associations   $   500.00
Non-profit  & Governmental organizations   $   250.00



Legal Firm   $1,000.00
Individual Membership (include referrals)   $   100.00



Corporations    $1,000.00
Individuals     $    50.00
Please note:

All membership dues and donations are tax-deductible.

*Only FULL MEMBERS with 501(c)(3) IRS classification are eligible to apply for Project and Sustainability grant funds.