State Challenge Grants

NFOIC awards open government and transparency grants to strengthen and foster the growth of state coalition members and support a broad range of open government and government transparency endeavors across the U.S.

The NFOIC State Challenge grant is a new grant program available to eligible, active state coalition members of NFOIC whose memberships are in good standing. Grants require a 1-to-1 financial match by the grantee and can be used for:

  • Projects that further public access to records, meetings, and officials of state or local public institutions 
  • Sustainable purposes that support the organization’s mission, goal or objectives
  • Start-up grants for new state open government coalitions

Grant applications will be accepted starting Feb. 20, 2020. Deadline for applications is May 15, 2020. Grants will be awarded in June 2020.

2020 Grant Criteria

Grant Application

Grant Report Update

Questions regarding specific grant requirements and guidelines? Contact Maggy Stansly at or 352-294-7082.