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Got research?

Got research in freedom of information? Consider entering the sixth annual FOI research competition, with MORE cash prizes this year, and for the first time co-sponsored by the National Freedom of Information Coalition and University of Florida Joseph L. Brechner Freedom of Information ProjectSubmit one-page proposals for double-blind review by May 1, 2024. Authors whose work is accepted will submit full papers by Aug. 1, then present at the NFOIC summit online this fall. In addition, they will receive:

  • Cash prizes ($1,000, $600, $400, for first, second, third place papers, respectively)
  • Free registration to the summit for all accepted papers
  • Guaranteed publication (if desired) for the top-three papers in the Journal of Civic Information, published by the Brechner Center for Freedom of Information at the University of Florida

We encourage research that has practical application, particularly at the state/local level. THIS INCLUDES EXCELLENT RESEARCH BY COALITIONS! The competition will accept any topic regarding FOI. That can include research in federal FOIA or global research that has broad ramifications or application. For a list of previous papers presented, see

This is a great opportunity for:

  • Graduate students or assistant professors to get early presentation experience and peer-reviewed publication
  • Seasoned scholars to reach those in the field who can benefit from that extensive experience and knowledge
  • Practitioners, such as those working in nonprofits, to share the wealth of their knowledge with academics, their peers, and the rest of the FOI world

This year the Brechner FOI Project, which publishes the Journal of Civic Information, is co-sponsoring the event, providing an additional $1,000 to the existing $1,000 NFOIC prize pool, totaling $2,000 in awards. The proposal call, pasted below, is also available at For questions or to enter the contest, feel free to contact me via email at