FOI ListServ

The FOI-L listserv is a national Internet mailing list discussion board managed by NFOIC and based at the Library of Virginia. The listserv facilitates conversations covering federal, state and local government FOI, open government, and First Amendment issues. 

Topics cover a wide range of issues and challenges contributed by knowledgeable experts in FOI as well as by novices who are seeking help in obtaining access to public records. Join in the discussion about access to public records, closure of governmental meetings, trends in legislation, and other issues about the public’s access to government records and meetings.

Find out what’s happening around the nation and in your state by subscribing to the FOI-LISTSERV.

Here are some reminders about how LISTSERV operates: 

  • To join or subscribe, send an email from the address you want to subscribe to with sub FOI-L firstname lastname (where firstname lastname are your first & last names) in the message body.
  • Once you have subscribed, to add a new post, send your message to:
  • To get a weekly digest of messages, rather than all the posts individually, send an email to with set FOI-L digest in the message body.
  • To signoff, send an email from the address you’re subscribed to the list with with unsub FOI-L in the message body.
  • To access the FOI-L archives, which includes a searching function, go to
  • If you would like to contact the list owner, send an email to
  • If you need help with the list if you’re having problems, please contact the NFOIC administrator at