Va.: Data show that nearly 80 percent of those stopped by city police are black

Official reports released recently reveal that black people accounted for nearly 80 percent of those stopped by Charlottesville police so far this year.

On Wednesday, results of a Freedom of Information request revealed that there have been 97 stops this year — as of Oct. 15. Of those stops, 74 involved individuals who were black, while 22 involved people who were white. One individual’s race was listed as “unknown.”


Virginia Supreme Court to hear Daily Press appeal over court database

The Virginia Supreme Court has agreed to hear an appeal requested by the Daily Press in a yearlong dispute over whether the state’s Office of the Executive Secretary of the Supreme Court must release a database of court case information.

The decision was issued Sept. 19, about two and a half weeks after lawyers representing the Daily Press argued that the state’s highest court should hear the case.


VA: Gas industry seeks regulations delay, FOIA exemption for fracking

The gas industry is pushing for a delay in new Virginia drilling regulations until it can get state law changed to protect key information about chemicals used in hydraulic fracturing.

These regulations, the result of a review that started at the end of 2013, are slated to be finalized shortly before the end of the year. Industry lobbyists this week asked legislators on a commission that monitors the executive branch's regulatory process to help delay implementation until at least July 2017.


Virginia: Daily Press to argue for appeal in open records lawsuit

Lawyers representing the Daily Press will present an oral argument Thursday asking the Supreme Court of Virginia to review a Newport News judge's ruling that court officials do not have to release their statewide database of case information.

The court typically uses the oral argument to clarify any questions or concerns they have about the briefs the parties have filed, said Hunter Sims, the attorney representing the Daily Press.



‘Giftgate’ prompts ethics reform

From The News Virginia: RICHMOND — Virginia has historically prided itself on its relative lack of government scandals.

But recent events — namely when Gov. Bob McDonnell accepted significant gifts from Star Scientific CEO Jonnie Williams — have prompted concern over the state’s system of ethical checks and balances, leaving some to question whether the law goes far enough in holding its governing officials financially accountable.