Gene Policinski: Tough decision ahead for all on ‘shield law’ definition

From We’re all facing a tough decision by Congress later this year — and it’s not about the federal budget or national health care policy.

A question that ultimately will affect us all involves a bill with the innocuous name “Free Flow of Information Act.” In other words, it’s a proposal to create — for the first time legislatively — a national “shield law” aimed at protecting news sources and the confidential information they have provided from having to be disclosed by journalists facing a subpoena or federal grand jury.


NEFAC says Holder should push for shield law, train Justice personnel on subpoenas

Press release from New England First Amendment Coalition:  The New England First Amendment Coalition registered "extreme dismay" at the government seizure of phone records of The Associated Press and urged Attorney General Eric Holder to work for passage of a federal shield law and take other steps to avert a repeat of the intrusion that was part of a probe into a security leak.


Blogger need not reveal sources, judge says in extending Shield Law


A state court judge has extended the protections of New Jersey's newspersons' Shield Law to independent bloggers, even those who crusade against perceived government corruption and mismanagement.

Superior Court Judge Karen Cassidy on April 12 quashed a prosecutor's subpoena of Tina Renna, president of the Union County Watchdog Association, who posts frequently on a website called "The County Watchers."