Akron City Council routinely approves legislation public hasn’t seen

Akron City Council often flouts rules designed to allow the public to follow city government and weigh in on proposals before they become law.

Akron's city charter requires legislation to be posted online by noon Friday, in advance of Monday City Council meetings, to give residents the weekend to review proposals. But council regularly blows by the deadline, and sometimes legislation is changed or rewritten hours before it's voted into law, without any opportunity for members of the public to respond.


Ohio moves for unprecedented financial transparency

Ohio is going to unprecedented levels with its new open government initiative. In a partnership with OpenGov, the state aspires to make all financial information available to the public – from all localities. The data will provide citizens with “checkbook-level spending data to every city, town, school district, and other local governing entity in the state – 3,962 of them in total,” OpenGov said in its announcement.


House budget bill blocks state auditor from checking if lawmakers follow open records law

Ohio House Republicans have put language into the state budget plan that would shield them and other state officials from audits that would determine whether they are following public-records laws.

State Auditor Dave Yost, a fellow Republican, says the language is nothing less than a direct attack on the authority of his office.