‘Smart Redaction’ for police body-worn video

An Atlanta-based technology company, Utility Associates, Inc., today announced it has unveiled a state-of-the-art software that will blur-out faces and personally identifiable markings such as body tattoos to protect the privacy and identity of victims, innocent bystanders, minors and undercover police officers in police In-Car and Body-Worn video.


EDITORIAL: Groups seek body cam rules rewrite

The D.C. Open Government Coalition called on Mayor Muriel Bowser to rewrite her administration's proposed legislation and regulations governing public access to police body worn camera videos. Because of the importance of public access to the goals we share of transparency generally, and police accountability in particular, the coalition asks that you reconsider the plan, which does not include recommendations of the advisory group the City Council established to help draft public access rules.


Newseum hosts police body cam debate

ANNOUNCMENT: The Newseum will host a Sept. 16 panel discussion to examine the various ways in which U.S. cities and states are incorporating police body cameras to hold officers accountable and build public trust.

Panelists will also discuss the future of police body cameras in the District of Columbia. The event is free to the public, but registration is required. Continue…



D.C. coalition to hold annual meeting

ANNOUNCEMENT: The D.C. Open Government Coalition will hold its annual meeting on Thursday, Sept. 17 starting at 4:30 p.m. The public is invited and refreshments will be served.

Coalition directors will join guests in discussing important open government matters in the District, including access to video from police body cameras (and to public records in general), open meetings and open data. The Coalition will welcome suggestions for its work in coming months. Continue>>>


Washington DC: Coalition publishes nationwide body cam access report

The D.C. Open Government Coalition (DCOGC) July 27 released a comprehensive look at how each state and 15 of the largest cities are addressing through legislation and policies key issues surrounding implementation of police body cameras. This report is the first to compile a panoply of legislation, policies, regulations and current law into a single, easily accessible and reviewable document.


Unions question proposed restrictions to D.C. teacher evaluations – Watchdog.org

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Teachers unions are questioning the transparency and due process of a measure to permanently exempt teacher evaluations from public records requests.

The unions are asking the D.C. Council to hold public hearings before a June 30 vote on the Budget Support Act. The act includes a provision to exempt teacher evaluations, observations, ratings and data collection from D.C. Freedom of Information Act requests.


Body Camera Video Access Hearing Today – Post Reports Chairman Opposes Mayor’s Plan

The D.C. Council Committee on the Judiciary hears witnesses at 2:00 today including the press and the D.C. Open Government Coalition opposing D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser's plan to exempt police video from access under public records laws. Live streaming video from the hearing will be available here.

Kevin Goldberg, president, will testify for the Coalition. The police chief, Cathy Lanier, is also expected to testify.


D.C. Government Transparency to be Explored at Sunshine Week Event

Celebrating Sunshine Week 2015, the National Press Club's Freedom of the Press Committee will join with the D.C. Open Government Coalition to present the fourth annual "D.C. Open Government Summit" on March 17 from 6 to 8:30pm in the National Press Club's First Amendment Lounge.

The event is also co-sponsored by the Society of Professional Journalists' D.C. Professional Chapter.