The Future Of Policing Using Pre-Crime Technology

When it comes to today’s technology, science fiction rarely remains fiction long. Technology has revolutionized parts of our daily lives, from health care to transportation. Apps on our phones track our fitness and summon Uber rides. With pre-crime technology, law enforcement is poised to leap into the 21st century with data-driven, predictive policing. Minority Report Jumps…


DC public meeting to discuss crime lasts almost 10 hours

There were a lot of sleepy eyes at the Wilson Building after some D.C. councilmembers stayed until the very end of a hearing on crime that started Wednesday night and lasted until 3 a.m Thursday.

Reducing violent crime and efficient emergency services are two things that city residents seem to be most concerned about these days. In the last 24 hours, both of those issues have been getting a lot of attention. Continue…