D.C. Council Budget Hearing Ignores Troubling Developments Affecting the Office of Open Government

The D.C. Open Government Coalition testified Friday (13) against proposed budget cuts for the Office of Open Government and in favor of a separate board of directors. OGC Government Affairs chair Bob Becker reviewed these and other problems but only the budget came up in questions, and that only briefly.  The hearing was before the…


BEGA won’t reappoint OOG Director Hughes

Statement: D.C. Open Government Coalition Condemns Decision to Decline to Reappoint Office of Open Government Director Today, the District’s Board of Ethics and Government Accountability (BEGA) voted to not reappoint Office of Open Government Director Traci Hughes to another term. It did not state the rational for this decision. Since 2013, Ms. Hughes has carried…


DCOGC: Independence of D.C. Watchdog Office Threatened, Coalition Tells D.C. Council

Plans are under way inside D.C. government to change the law in ways likely to disable the Office of Open Government (OOG). The D.C. Open Government Coalition testified February 23 at the annual performance oversight hearing on the Board of Ethics and Government Accountability (BEGA) that includes the OOG.

Proposals in the works at the board could harm the office, according to the Coalition’s government affairs committee chair, attorney Robert Becker. He reported on a text of a bill obtained by the Coalition and under consideration by D.C. officials.


Novel Lawsuit Headed for First Showdown-DCOOG Seeking Injunction and Penalties for Violations of Open Meetings Act

The District of Columbia, citing the "novelty" of this Open Meetings Act enforcement action, got more time over the holidays for the mayor's Caribbean Community Affairs Commission to figure out its next step in the case. The commission is one of the D.C. mayor's many public advisory bodies, and is alleged to have failed in fulfilling the law's requirements to inform the public in advance about meetings and to furnish a record of each meeting promptly afterwards.


Decisions by the Mayor on D.C. FOIA Appeals Now More Accessible

A decade of mayoral opinions on appeals of agency denials of public records requested under FOIA (2006-2016) are now available online. See here. (The D.C. Office of Open Government also includes a link in its FOIA Resources list.)

D.C. law allows any requester who is denied a record to appeal to the mayor. (The requester can file suit in Superior Court whether or not the requester uses the mayoral appeal option.) Continue…