Arkansas FOIA “Road Shows” held across the state

From the Arkansas Attorney General:  Arkansas has one of the strongest open meetings and open records laws in the country, yet Arkansans may not know all the mechanics or the applications of the state’s Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

That’s why the Attorney General’s Office and the Arkansas Press Association present FOIA “Road Shows” in locations across the state each year.


NFOIC’s State FOIA Friday for October 26, 2012

Keyboard key for AccessA few state FOIA and local open government news items selected from many of interest that we might or might not have drawn attention to earlier in the week:


Arkansas attorney general’s office says open-records law allows videotaping of public meetings

From The Republic:

The city council of a northern Arkansas town does not have the right to ban video recordings of its public meetings, according to an opinion from the state attorney general.