Gene Policinski: ‘When’ and ‘why’ we need to hear 911 calls

Opinion from The Californian: The word “restraint” and the First Amendment usually exist in uneasy tension.

The 45 words of the First Amendment don’t include it. The Pentagon Papers case in 1971 settled the issue of “prior restraint” by the government on what the press may publish: Nothing doing.


Newtown 911 tapes released after court fight

Newtown school shooting 911 calls reveal a mixture of calm and anguish from the callers, and gunshots from the assailant are heard in the background, audio recordings released on Dec. 4 reveal.

Officials in Newtown, Connecticut, released recordings of 911 emergency phone calls from the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School.


Connecticut panel orders release of Newtown 911 tapes

From Pocono Record:  The state's Freedom of Information Commission on Wednesday ordered the release of the 911 tapes from last year's shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, ruling in favor of an appeal by The Associated Press for access to records withheld by investigators.

The recordings could shed light on the law enforcement response to one of the worst school shootings in U.S. history.