2013 FOI Summit Wrap-up

Image from 2013 FOI Summit

While the 2013 FOI Summit in New Orleans is now behind us, we wanted to take a few moments to express our gratitude to everyone who helped to make it possible and to share a few other thoughts and bits of information.

In addition to the links below, please be sure to check out all the videos of panels, keynote address and Hall of Fame induction.

Obviously, any endeavor of this nature takes a lot of work and a lot of cooperation, and we could not do it ourselves. In recognition of that, the National Freedom of Information Coalition would like to express our thanks to:

If you care to see what was tweeted during the Summit, they've been conveniently collected in a PDF by Justin Silverman from the New England First Amendment Coalition here.

We want to thank Kay Yang and Dan Claxton—both graduate research assistants from the Missouri School of Journalism—for accompanying us and providing real-time content and post-Summit briefs.

Also, a hearty thanks to the Reynolds Journalism Institute's Travis McMillen, who live-streamed Saturday's luncheon and recorded the YouTubed videos we've posted.

Finally, of course, we are grateful to all conference attendees and participants for their support. Without them, we'd just be talking to ourselves.

Thanks for visiting, and we hope to see you next year.