Nebraska FOIA Laws

Nebraska Open Meetings Act

The Nebraska Open Meetings Act legislates the method by which public meetings are conducted. The law states that all regular or special gathers, whether informal or formal, where a public body convenes for the purposes of discussing and deciding on public policy are considered meetings and are open to the public. The definition includes meetings which use telecommunication equipment. If violated, it is considered a class IV misdemeanor for the first offense.

Open Meetings Act Nebraska Statutes §84-1408 et seq.

Closed: Collective bargaining; real estate purchases; litigation; to protect an individual’s reputation; and security personnel and devices.

Nebraska Public Records Law

The Nebraska Public Records Law is a series of laws designed to guarantee that the public has access to public records of government bodies at all levels. Public records include all documents, no matter the form, belonging to any government agency.

Any person may request public records and no statement of purpose is required. The Nebraska Public Records Law places no restrictions on the use of records. An individual should allow four business days for the completion of records requests.

Public Records Law Nebraska Statutes §84-712.01 et seq.

Exempt: Personal information on student and personnel records; medical records; trade secrets; academic and scientific research; attorney work product; law enforcement or investigative records; some archeological records; and real estate appraisals.

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