Apply for FOI Litigation Funds

Knight FOI Litigation Fund Application

The first step: Complete the application. (Find out what’s funded here.)

Next, contact your state FOI group, if you haven’t already. They will forward the request to NFOIC headquarters.

NFOIC staff will forward the request to the Knight Fund Committee, which then decides whether to provide assistance. Decisions are made on an ongoing basis; there are no deadlines to apply.

Once the decision to fund has been made, applicants will be asked to sign a grant agreement and a grant award letter. Once those are returned, funding usually arrives within a week.

Any questions about the application can be directed to

Apply to the Knight FOI Litigation Grant and the SPJ Legal Defense Fund – Joint Application

If you wish to apply to both NFOIC and the SPJ Legal Defense Fund, please complete this form and follow the instructions. Learn more about the SPJ Legal Defense Fund and how the grant can be used. Read more on NFOIC-SPJ partnership to support FOI litigation. **Please note, the joint application will need to be submitted to both NFOIC and SPJ.**