National Open Government Survey


Biennial Open Government Survey measures transparency in public institutions

Sponsored by NFOIC, MLRC and IRE

The biennial open government survey polls the members of National Freedom of Information Coalition (NFOIC), the New York-based Media Law Resource Center and the Investigative Reporters and Editors (IRE) to identify current trends in public institutions for requesting and accessing public records.  The survey began in 2009 between NFOIC and MLRC. In 2015, IRE was invited and agreed to participate.
Combined, the three organizations have 8,000 members who represent professionals from the news media, the legal profession and government watchdog organizations.
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2015  Survey results (pdf)
2013  Survey results (pdf)
2011  Survey results (pdf)
As a result of the Open Government Survey, NFOIC, MLRC and IRE have outlined three recommendations to make government more open, accessible and transparent:
  1. Increasing government officials’ knowledge regarding open government responsibilities;
  2. More education of citizens about open government laws and policies in their states and communities; and 
  3. Improving and increasing enforcement measures.
Daniel Bevarly, Executive Director, NFOIC
George Freeman, Executive Director, MLRC
Doug Haddix, Executive Director, IRE