Tennessee open records advocates fear impact of court ruling

From commercialappeal.com: NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — Transparency advocates are warning about the ramifications of a recent Tennessee appeals court ruling that “high government officials” can keep documents secret if they deem them part of their decision-making process.


Temmessee House, Senate back public notices

From Times-Gazette:

The Tennessee House of Representatives gave final approval March 25 to the Tennessee Press Association-supported bill requiring newspapers that publish public notices to post them on their local website and also to www.tnpublicnotice.com — TPA’s statewide aggregate website.

The bill, which takes effect April 1, 2014, also stipulates those extra services will be at no extra charge.


Keep charter schools’ operations in public view

From Jackson Sun:

The state of Tennessee has moved aggressively to expand the role of charter schools in public education, and we have been supportive of those moves. Now, additional legislation is being debated in the General Assembly to ensure that charter schools adhere to state open meetings and open records laws. These bills are an absolute must, as charter schools are paid for with public funds.