Editorial: Nebraska AG opinion a victory for open government

Government functions best when it is transparent and allows citizens the most access to know how those whom they’ve elected to represent them are fulfilling that democratic duty. Open records laws are a critical means of doing so. Guaranteeing that certain documents and correspondence are public records, with some understandable exceptions, offers a level of…


Nebraska state Sen. Sue Crawford continues push for more campaign ad transparency

As the 2018 election cycle approaches, saturating airwaves and stuffing mailboxes with campaign advertisements, a Nebraska state senator is pushing for greater transparency and accountability for candidate-specific materials. Introduced by Sen. Sue Crawford of Bellevue,  LB839 reworks a bill she introduced last year requiring additional reporting by individuals and organizations buying ads and sending mailers…


Hastings city new laws take effect Friday

From KHASTV: Hastings, NE — There are a few new laws on the books today. As a result, local governments can’t overcharge for copies of public records. The law states that the fee can’t exceed what it costs the public agency.

As of Friday morning, the Hastings Police Department’s rates remain at $5.00 for a report or a copy of a photograph.

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Understanding open public records requests in Beatrice, Nebraska

From Beatrice Daily Sun:  The Nebraska Legislature recently passed LB363 amending the Nebraska Statutes relating to public records. With this passage the Beatrice City Council adopted a Resolution at their August 5th regular meeting to update the City’s public records policy establishing reasonable operating procedures and fees for accessing public records.