Understanding open public records requests in Beatrice, Nebraska

From Beatrice Daily Sun:  The Nebraska Legislature recently passed LB363 amending the Nebraska Statutes relating to public records. With this passage the Beatrice City Council adopted a Resolution at their August 5th regular meeting to update the City’s public records policy establishing reasonable operating procedures and fees for accessing public records.

Examples of public records requests might include copies of minutes, ordinances and resolutions, agreements, contracts, city code sections, maps, accident reports, and genealogy information. It should be noted that not all records in the City are public records. Some records such as ambulance reports have additional HIPPA regulations that must be followed before the report can be obtained.


Also, there are records available on the City’s website at no cost to you. Simply go to www.beatrice.ne.gov and click on Elected Officials/City Council to find agendas and minutes; for Board of Public Works minutes click on BPW/Utilities and Board; under City Offices and Clerk you will find the City’s Annual Financial Report and a link to the Beatrice City Code of Ordinances; Police and Fire Annual Reports are available under their respective departments; and under Engineering you will find several maps, including zoning and ward maps, and snow routes.

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