Michigan House Democrats push for changes to ethics, election laws during ‘Sunshine Week’

From Michigan Radio:

It’s Sunshine Week, an annual push for open government and the public’s right to know stuff.

Democrats in the state House tied the introduction of a package of bills to Sunshine Week. The bills include a number of changes to Michigan’s laws and constitution regarding ethics, campaign finance, and elections.


Appeals Court To Hold Hearing On Open Meetings Act

From WLNS.com:

The Michigan Court of Appeals is hearing arguments in cases related to troubled city finances in Detroit and Flint. The issue is whether the state review teams that looked at the books in both cities should have met in public.

Lower court judges ruled that they must meet the requirements of the Open Meetings Act. The court will hear arguments Thursday. A decision will be released at a later date.


Michigan State court to decide if fiscal review meetings must be open to public

From Detroit News:

Financial review teams have convened behind closed doors in Michigan for decades to scrutinize the spending of troubled cities and school districts.

But when a 10-member review team descended on Detroit — the state's largest city — in December, the secrecy didn't sit well with wary residents.