Local FOIA requests center on hot-button issues

From Daily Chronicle:

Local governments in DeKalb County received at least 700 FOIA requests from residents from around the country in the six months between Oct. 4, 2012, and March 4.

In commemoration of Sunshine Week, a nationwide movement dedicated to open government, the Daily Chronicle filed FOIA requests with local governments to see how people used the common information tool.


Attorney General Reviews Possible Meeting Violation

From Journal-topics.com:

The Illinois Attorney General is looking into whether or not the village of Palatine violated provisions of the Open Meetings Act (OMA) by failing to provide proper notice of a Mar. 15 joint district council advisory meeting at the new police headquarters with councilmen Kollin Kozlowski (5th) and Brad Helms (6th).


FOIA requester sues Caseyville seeking fees, costs and civil penalties

From Madison Record:

Belleville resident Bradley Van Hoose is suing the Village of Caseyville for attorney fees and costs associated with his fight to access copies of board meeting minutes, hotel meeting minutes, contracts, invoices and records related to the village's hotel fund.


Trustee alleges mayor violated Open Meetings Act

From TribLocal.com:

Lake Zurich Mayor Suzanne Branding has come under fire from Trustee Rich Sustich, who alleges she violated the Open Meetings Act. The complaint is the most recent event in a string of Lake Zurich officials being questioned for violating the law since 2009.


Experts say DeKalb aldermen did not violate Open Meetings Act at township meeting

From Daily Chronicle:

When a majority of a quorum of DeKalb City Council members meet to discuss public business, proper notification is required to avoid an Open Meetings Act violation. Although five of the seven council members – a majority of a quorum – participated in the DeKalb Township annual meeting Tuesday, they did not violate the act, law experts said.


Requests for public records surge in Lake Forest

From Lake Forester:

The Illinois Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) has made it possible for anyone to request records of all public entities such as municipalities, schools and park districts to bolster government transparency. How much time and money local entities spend on fulfilling FOIA requests, in some cases, has grown dramatically.


Council meeting’s location rare occurrence

From Chillicothe Times-Bulletin:

The Chillicothe City Council meeting March 26 was a one-of-a-kind meeting due to a change of venue midstream, and it almost did not happen.

“One of the requirements of the Open Meetings Act is that the meeting be open to the public. Part of what that includes is that people who want to come to the meeting can actually get into the room and be at the meeting."