Bob Heisse: Sunshine Week celebrates the public’s right to know

From The State Journal-Register:

The idea for Sunshine Week started — appropriately enough — in Florida in 2002 when that state’s newspapers shed light on proposals by some legislators to create many new exemptions to the public records laws.

Following three Sunshine Sundays in which newspapers publicized these efforts, Florida legislators voted down about 300 proposals that would have restricted the right to know.



Oswego School Board files complaint against self under Open Meeting Act

From Chicago Tribune:

The Oswego School Board has filed an Illinois Open Meetings Act complaint against itself.

Kendall County State's Attorney Eric Weiss says a representative from the board filed a request for review of a possible violation of the act late last week.


Attorney General Reviews Possible Meeting Violation


The Illinois Attorney General is looking into whether or not the village of Palatine violated provisions of the Open Meetings Act (OMA) by failing to provide proper notice of a Mar. 15 joint district council advisory meeting at the new police headquarters with councilmen Kollin Kozlowski (5th) and Brad Helms (6th).


Council meeting’s location rare occurrence

From Chillicothe Times-Bulletin:

The Chillicothe City Council meeting March 26 was a one-of-a-kind meeting due to a change of venue midstream, and it almost did not happen.

“One of the requirements of the Open Meetings Act is that the meeting be open to the public. Part of what that includes is that people who want to come to the meeting can actually get into the room and be at the meeting."