NFOIC aligns with Tech start-up, Social Impact ID (SIID™) Technologies to strengthen police transparency through Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The National Freedom of Information Coalition is partnering with SIID™ Technologies, a tech startup leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to mitigate the influence of human biases within systems and institutions.

Founder Eri O’Diah created SIID Technologies to analyze and track trends in the role implicit bias plays in criminal justice. Performing analysis, distillation, and sorting of public records data, including speech to text from body-camera and dash-camera footage, will dramatically enhance access to and the value of public records generally. 

“We are proud to partner with the National Freedom of Information Coalition (NFOIC). The partnership gives us much-needed access to critical training data for our platform. We want to demonstrate the benefits of leveraging data and analytics to provide agencies and municipal leaders an early-warning or preventative tool that enables proactive decision-making, saves lives and taxpayer dollars,” said Eri O’Diah

In 2021, NFOIC’s state coalition members identified police transparency and access to body-camera and dash-camera footage as a top priority, noting laws should encourage the release of this information for the interest of public safety. NFOIC is uniquely positioned to help broaden the Freedom of Information (FOI) community and explore innovative ways to foster transparency. 

Software-for-change company SIID Technologies has participated in MIT Solve’s Unbundling Policing & Reimagining Public Safety Incubator — where they conducted extensive customer discovery interviews with police officers, advocacy groups, and policymakers to build technology that will provide fairness and equitable outcomes for all. Through the MIT Solve Incubator, the SIID™team identified an opportunity to leverage emerging technologies like artificial intelligence to improve transparency, training, recruiting, and support for officers. In addition, the company aims to utilize linguistic science, deep learning, and machine learning to offer agencies and municipal leaders an early-warning and intervention tool that enables proactive decision-making — saving lives and taxpayer dollars. The team has also participated in Minnesota SBIR/STTR Accelerator, gALPHA Social Impact: Justice Tech, and BETA Accelerator

The framework behind SIID Technologies is built upon Stanford Professor and SPARQ Co-Director Jennifer Eberhardt’s research, which identified racial disparities in officer respect level through the analysis of language from body camera footage and incident reports. To bridge the fairness and criminal cases gap, we must cultivate collaborative efforts between municipalities, police, and the community. 

NFOIC is proud to announce the partnership with SIID Technologies to help compile litigation, body-camera, and dash-camera footage to strengthen police transparency. Utilizing our network of FOI experts and partners in news, civic engagement, research, academia, transparency, government, and activism — together we can alleviate discriminatory data gaps and cultivate local civic engagement and empowerment.

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