Idaho FOIA Laws

Idaho Open Meeting Law

The Idaho Open Meeting Law legislates the methods by which public meetings are conducted. The law defines a meeting as any convening of a government body to deliberate and decide on public matters. This includes all meetings conducted through telecommunication. Exemptions include Board of Tax Appeals, Public Utilities Commission, and Industrial Commission.

If the Idaho Open Meeting Law is violated, the suit must be filed within 30 days of the violation. Fines are up to $500 and may null and void any action taken at an illegal meeting.

Open Meeting Law Idaho Code §74-201 et seq.

Closed: Personnel matters; labor negotiations; matters of competitive trade or commerce with other states or nations; and pending or probable litigation.

Idaho Public Records Act

The Idaho Public Records Act, established in 1990, governs access to public documents in Idaho. All records are presumed to be open records. Exemptions include court records that would result in the release of confidentiality, law enforcement investigations, juvenile records, voting records of the sexual offender classification board, records concerning discrimination investigations, workers compensation records, prisoner records, current and former public employees, income tax information, hospital and medical care records, Idaho Housing and FInance Association, voter registration cards, records in the address confidentiality program, trade secrets including academic research, archaeological records and endangered species locations, draft legislation records, underwriting and claims records of the Idaho petroleum clean water trust fund, or judicial authorization of abortions for minors.

According to the Idaho Public Records Act all agencies that are considered part of the government of Idaho including both state and local agencies are covered with the exception of the state militia. Any person can request records and statement of purpose is not required. The only restriction on the use of open records is the creation of mailing or phoning lists. Three days is the time allowed for any request to either be granted or denied.

Public Records Act  Idaho Code §74-101 et seq.

Exempt: 40 exemptions, check code citation.

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