NFOIC Members Protect Open Government

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NFOIC is a nonpartisan alliance of nonprofit, citizen-driven state FOI organizations, academic and First Amendment centers, journalistic societies and attorneys working together to protect your right to open government and create greater government transparency.

Our member coalitions fight government secrecy at the state and local level all over the country.

Our mission is to make sure state and local governments and public institutions have laws, policies and procedures to facilitate the public’s access to their records and proceedings. To do this, we:

  • Work to start up new, and support existing, citizen-driven Freedom of Information and First Amendment organizations in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.
  • Foster the open exchange of information through networking and an annual conference.
  • Educate and train public officials and employees on their open government laws and policies.
  • Offer a national, collective voice on freedom of Information issues.
  • Support member fundraising.
  • Explore critical issues affecting open government and making recommendations for state and/or national action.
  • Prepare research reports or other publications.
  • Administer the Knight FOI Litigation Fund, which offers financial support to defray costs and expenses in open government court cases throughout the year.

NFOIC extends an invitation to all national or regional FOI organizations, FOI committees of both state or national journalistic societies, and nonprofit state, regional or national organizations with an expressed concern for open and transparent government and freedom of information to become a supporter or member of NFOIC.

Attorneys specializing in First Amendment issues and individual citizens with a concern about First Amendment issues are also invited to become associate members.

See a list of member coalitions and a breakdown of membership categories to figure out where best you belong. Then, join us in our fight for government transparency.