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Citizen access to public records is the law of the land in all U.S. states and territories, and in the District of Columbia.

Unfortunately, that does not mean those access rights aren’t frequently threatened or that freedom of information (FOI) principles – manifested in both the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and state FOI laws – are strictly adhered to. Far from it.

It takes diligence and persistence to ensure that that those rights are neither violated nor weakened, and NFOIC is always there to fight that fight.

In the states and across the nation, NFOIC and its state coalitions stand guard as responsible stewards to your right to open, transparent and accessible government and other public institutions against attempts to diminish your access to your public information and public officials.

Your membership dues and contributions help support the work of the National Freedom of Information Coalition, an consortium of state and regional FOI organizations, academic and First Amendment centers, and private citizens orgnaizations drawn by a common purpose: To protect your right to open government.

We welcome your participation as a member or financial supporter.

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