Chris Conybeare: Independent media council, self-regulation should be supported

From The Observer:  The World Association of Press Councils (WAPC), believes that freedom of communication is a basic human right.

This includes freedom of the media in reporting the news. It also includes the right of the public to be informed on all matters of public interest.

As secretary general of WAPC, it was my honour to be in Uganda recently to meet with representatives of the Independent Media Council of Uganda (IMCU), media stakeholders, and representatives of civil society.

An independent media council is an association of journalists not beholden to media owners and government interests. These organisations offer very real and practical ways to promote a positive media climate, excellence in journalism, and freedom of expression. Independent media councils promote ethical conduct and excellence in journalism through establishment of codes of conduct and training of journalists. Continue to read …

Chris Conybeare is president of the Media Council Hawaii. The Media Council Hawaii is a member of NFOIC. –eds