86 requests to City Hall from feds probing Chicago police

U.S. Justice Department officials have made 86 different requests seeking mountains of information from City Hall regarding their investigation into whether Chicago Police officers might be engaging in practices that violate the Constitution or federal law, according to documents obtained by NBC5 and shared with the Chicago Sun-Times.


Techdirt: Senator Wyden Warns That The Justice Department Is Lying To The Courts; Also Still Worried About Secret Law

Techdirt:  We've been noting for years: when Senator Ron Wyden says that (1) there's a secret interpretation of a law that is at odds with the public's understanding of it, or (2) that government officials are lying, you should pay attention.  Continue…



New lawsuit demands Office of Legal Counsel emails

A new lawsuit is demanding public release of emails from the executive branch's go-to office for legal advice: the Justice Department's Office of Legal Counsel.

The Freedom of Information Act lawsuit, filed on New Year's Day by a lawyer for Vice News reporter Jason Leopold, seeks emails from the accounts of three former top officials at OLC: Marty Lederman, David Barron and Virginia Seitz.  Continue…