Burgh’s Eye View app tracks Pittsburgh’s potholes, arrests, graffiti

Pittsburgh officials Monday launched Burgh's Eye View , an app that includes a range of public records such as crime statistics, building code violations and excessive noise complaints.

The city Department of Innovation & Performance's Analytics and Strategy team built the app, which also is available as a website, as part of an effort to increase openness and accessibility.



Pittsburgh on the road to ‘inclusive innovation’

In September, the Steel City launched the Pittsburgh Roadmap for Inclusive Innovation, a strategy to facilitate residents’ participation in the New Economy, improve the city’s capacity to serve the public through data-driven services and increase resilience by strengthening the clean tech and local business sectors.


City, county unveil vast amounts of public data for free – and here’s how to get to it

App developers, researchers, and sleuths could find a treasure trove to mine for free.

On Thursday, the City of Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, and the University of Pittsburgh unveiled the Western Pennsylvania Regional Data Center — an open data website with 133 sets of local data related to the arts, education, and demographics, among other topics. Continue…