Sunshine Week reminds us why people should have access to information

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In an ideal world, there wouldn’t be a need for “Sunshine Week,” which celebrates the right of the people to watch their government in action. That includes free access to meetings and documents that discuss the public’s business. An accessible government is a keystone of our democracy.


NC Sen. Goolsby wants to strengthen open meetings, public records laws with jail time for violators


Saying government employees and bureaucrats can “break the law with impunity” when it comes the state’s open meetings and public records laws, Sen. Thom Goolsby, a Wilmington Republican and trial attorney, wants to give the law some teeth.

And by teeth he means up to 20 days in jail.


Council meeting was an exercise in open government

From Hickory Daily Record:

The Hickory City Council meeting on Tuesday was an exercise in open government. A Hickory resident took advantage of a statement on the agenda to force discussion on an issue, and the state’s open records law was illuminated for all to hear.