When a reporter would not betray his source, police came to his home with guns and a sledgehammer

The banging jolted Bryan Carmody awake. Outside his San Francisco home Friday morning, the longtime journalist saw a throng of police officers with a sledgehammer, trying to break down his front gate. Carmody told the eight to 10 officers he would only let them in with a search warrant. Police confirmed a judge signed off…


Milwaukee journalist arrested after photographing squad cars at police lot

A Milwaukee journalist working on a story about police response times was arrested over the weekend after taking photographs of squad cars in a Milwaukee Police Department parking lot. Edgar Mendez, a reporter with the Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service, was issued a $181 ticket for trespassing — but only after being handcuffed, fingerprinted and questioned at the police station at…


Journalists Fight for Open Government in The Face Of Secrecy

Transparency is inconvenient. It’s inconvenient for the reporter who’s trying to report the news and it’s inconvenient for the government that attempts to hide information.

“It is not unique for federal officials to go to great lengths to get around having to turn over documents or respond,” Sharyl Attkisson said during a keynote address last week at the University of Florida’s public information conference, “Breaking Down Walls: The Fight for Open Government.”


My mystifying journey into the world of FOIA (part 3)

Late last month, I found myself pleading with a U.S. Army FOIA specialist. How can you have no records for my request? My FOIA request for records of debarred contractor was three months old at this point, and my call to the FOIA Public Liaison (if that's really what he was) had succeeded in prompting some movement by the Army. But this wasn't what I was expecting.

On Aug. 25, I got a letter pronouncing the final word on my May 20 request. No records exist. How could that be possible, I wondered.


Beheading videos: Freedom of the press vs media blackout requests

A second horrifying video has been released of a beheading of an American journalist. The disturbing yet professionally produced video will provide additional clues for experts to use to gain information about the executioner now being called “Jihadi John” and his whereabouts.

At the end of the video, the terrorists revealed a British citizen on his knees and wearing an orange jumpsuit, raising concerns he will be the next victim of the extremists. The name of this man is not being revealed at the request of the captive’s family