California Supreme Court held that personal email used for public business is subject to disclosure

On March 2, the California Supreme Court held that emails sent to or from the personal accounts of public officials can be subject to disclosure if they are used to conduct public business. The decision stems from a 2009 public records request made to the city of San Jose.

The full text of the ruling can be found here.


California’s top court says public may see government’s past legal bills

The California Supreme Court recently issued a closely split ruling in a case involving whether or not the legal bills from settled suits involving government entities within the state are public information. A member of an advocacy group wonders how the decision will affect taxpayers.

On Dec. 29, the court voted 4-3 that while the bills for long-settled legal matters could be accessed by the public, those invoices relating to current or pending litigation were protected by the purview of attorney-client privilege.