Supreme Court presented with major decision in McBurney v. Young

From Mortgage News:

On Aug. 30, the United States Supreme Court received an Amicus Brief filed by the National Credit Reporting Association Inc. (NCRA) in conjunction with several other parties … in support of them hearing the case of McBurney v. Young. If not resolved, this case will have a huge impact on the mortgage industry due to the restrictions it brings on public record access, including that needed by credit reporting agencies to process mortgage credit reports, and other mortgage closing services.
The basics of the case involve a state of Virginia statute that limits access to public records to “citizens” (or entities) of the state to protect the citizens of Virginia. This would effectively ban public record access, including that of public record aggregators (e.g., credit reporting companies, tenant screening companies), to any companies based outside of the state of Virginia, forcing them to exit the Virginia market, or to open physical offices in the state with sole purpose of processing their credit reports.

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