January 2019

NFOIC’s priorities provide strategic direction for NFOIC and FOI state coalitions to address challenges and solutions for each branch of state and local government.

  • Growing NFOIC and state coalitions: Enhancing a national presence for NFOIC, its programs and services; supporting the work of NFOIC member coalitions in their jurisdictions; and, expanding formal alliances in the FOI sector for mutually-beneficial opportunities.
  • Legislative relations: It starts with legislation. Improve legislation and legislative processes affecting state FOI laws and practices, and relationships between state legislative bodies and their news media and FOI organizations.
  • Public record denials: Help requesters obtain public records when denied by improving appeal processes, and enforcement of current FOI laws; enact laws or policies for reimbursement of attorney fees in successful FOI litigation; and, support wider use of, and access to litigation education and support.
  • Executive branch agencies – education and training:  This priority is two-fold: promote and facilitate opportunities that increase knowledge and involvement in the FOI community including for state coalitions, organizations, journalists, attorneys and citizens; and second, help identify and create professional standards and practices for public agencies and their employees in FOI administration.
  • Managing the FOI data challenge: Contribute solutions to improve the creation, organization, maintenance and reporting of accurate data surrounding state and local FOI laws, policies and practices.